Reaching your goals starts with knowing yourself. So, the first thing we’ll do is discover the kind of person you are now & who you want to be, so that we know what works best for you… because, only YOU know what you really need to get it done. 


Once we get clear on your road map, you can count on coaching to get you up and moving. The process is usually simple, but not easy. It takes patience, persistence, and accountability to achieve your goals. So you really gotta want it, but you can count on me to remind you of why you want what you want, and help you take action.


We waste so much time analyzing and deliberating our decisions to the point where end up not making any moves. But with coaching, you’ll see that you are making progress in weeks compared to it taking months (or longer) if you were doing it on your own.


I offer three different coaching packages, depending on your goals, needs, and budget.


Contrary to popular belief, research shows that it takes about 66 days to change a habit–not 21 days, as is popularly believed. That’s more than 2 months to make things stick, and that’s if you stay consistent.

This 3 month program will help you get clear on what you need to do, make progress, and see the fruits of your labor. Plus, you’ll be having coaching sessions each week (or bi-weekly) so that we can discuss your challenges and successes throughout your journey.

This is ideal for long-term goals like:

  • Passion-seeking career transitions
  • Changing eating and/or exercising habits
  • Changing any habits, for that matter
  • Gaining lasting self-confidence


Let’s say you you know what you’ve gotta do, but you’re just not doing it. OR, you’ve got a goal you know you can achieve quickly, and you just need accountability, or a good plan of action to get it done.

This 2 month program will help you gain the clarity and energy you need to hit the ground running. After this program, you’ll feel like you have a sense of purpose and direction to get you to the next level in your goals.

This is ideal for short-term goals like:

  • Staying accountable to sticking to a newly formed habit
  • Dealing with minor challenges or roadblocks that are preventing you from reaching your goal
  • Getting the energy you need to recommit to something important to you.


Ain’t nothing wrong with dipping your toes in the water before you dive in head first! The Quick Start Program is here for you when you want to test out coaching, or need a quick start to taking action, DIY style.

This month-long program will help you get clear on what you need to do so that you can take that leap on your own. Coaching can give you a roadmap from point A to point B so that you know where to go.

This is ideal for short-term goals like:

  • Getting clear on “your why” (aka, the thing that will fuel you to make change)
  • Taking on some small goals, or “Quick Wins,” so that you get a boost of energy and confidence to take bigger ones

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